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MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MÉXICO 2022 1er día Presenta Sandra Weil Colección Psdeudobombax FW 22-23

Since it was first launched in 2012, luxury womenswear brand Sandra Weil [vyle] quickly established itself as a major player in the creative map of Mexico and Latin America.

Her collections always begin from the same starting point: the soul of the dresses, the fabrics that give life to unexpected silhouettes conceived for a contemporary woman.

Weil was born in Peru, in a multicultural family that traces its roots from Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and Romania. Her passion for fashion and design was transmitted to her since childhood when she spent days in her grandmother’s sewing workshop. As the years went by she naturally created her first dress for a friend. The design became an object of desire among her client’s circle. She went on to study Visual Arts with a minor in Graphic Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and then enrolled at the University Felicidad Ducé in Barcelona, where she specialized in Haute Couture.

After she concluded her studies, she moved to Mexico City in 2008. Her entrepreneurial spirit was fostered in this place and in 2012 she launched her first ready-to-wear collection.

Two years later, in 2014, Sandra Weil opened its flagship store on Emilio Castelar 185, Polanco in Mexico City

Psdeudobombax, our Fall Winter Collection 2022 is the latest progression in our journey towards self expansion 

The monomyth is a hero's journey, widely used to frame human quests across cultural mythology. Perplexed by reality, heroes are prompted to venture forth into the unknown seeking deep transformation. Permeated with self doubt these journeys lead to the transformation of oneself from within. Such a craved outcome is only achieved through the willingness to undergo radical change, a metamorphosis. 

Always vigilant of natural transformations, and appalled by such phenomena, Sandra has framed the transformation from dormant seeds to explosive blooms as an epic one. 

The raw latency and impeccable roundness of seeds is broken as their nucleus sparks out of inactivity. Life is formed through subtle, but perfect, biorhythms. Stems struggle to surge out of the dirt to support flourishment, a femenine outburst that will allow for propagation and proliferation. Such an outcome can only be truly seen through the fluorescence of light, almost supernatural. 

RUNWAY Psdeudobomba Collection


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