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Kera J [Royal gods] at NYFW

like a chicken with their head cut off. Backstage is always hectic to make the show AWESOME!

It’s always worth it at the end of that 10 minutes for every designer, especially for young designer,Kera J.

Veronica Barron

From her most recent trip all the way to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, she received an unbelievable amount of gratitude towards the line. She was called The next “IT” thing by some key people of NYC! She had the chance to meet celebrity Vanessa Simmons and received all great feedback from the young fashionista who also has a very successful clothing line.

Meeting key people in your field can always give you an edge and definitely give you an idea of where you are in this fashion world. For Kera J it all matters to her as she was filled to the brim especially when she met Sirgarde, Victoria Kimani’s stylist, if you know him, you’ll know he’s a creative dresser, he’s that alternative person, he’s got the kind of vibe Kera J’s collection is about.

“Meeting Vanessa Simmons and Sirgarde was amazing. Me and sirgarde got the chance to speak a little more privately than me and Vanessa. He gave me nothing but love in his feedback which was very assuring that I’m doing something right!”

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